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With perfect pop-harmonies and indie-easy-listening production, EMERALD PARK from Malmö, Sweden flew into the 23 headquarter with a bang. A brilliant flow of catchy tune sparkles on this album of pop rock tunes. From twee-indie to dizzy shoegazed guitar outbursts. The indie sound is what is mostly intriguing about this group.

This is a re-release of Emerald Park´s stunning album from 2008. This time for FREE download, with 2 bonustracks and under Creative Commons (released in a collaboration with af-music)


Artist: Emerald Park

Title: For Tomorrow (2010 Edition)
Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.042]

Genre: Indie pop / Indie rock

Country: Sweden

Release date: 2010-02-14

Band Members: Mats Andreasson: drums. Tobias Borelius: vocals, guitars. Mikael Eskilsson: keyboards, guitars, vocals. Martina Johansson: vocals, keyboards, glockenspiel. Daniel Jönsson: bass, guitars, keyboards. Frans af Schmidt: bass, guitars

Mastered by: Jörgen Tönnander at Euterpe Musica.

Art direction and sleeve design: Jonatan Grönkvist.

All songs written by: Tobias Borelius and Ola Frick except Pasadena and Istanbul, written by Martina Johansson, Frans af Schmidt and Ola Frick.

Recorded and produced by: Ola Frick at Sweet Morning Studios, Malmö, Sweden except Pasadena, recorded by Daniel Jönsson at Danish Daycare Studios and produced by Daniel Jönsson and Ola Frick

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses by-nc-nd 3.0



Track list

1. Intro 01:09

2. The Commonfield 05:01

3. Ume 03:57

4. A Higher Loss 04:41

5. Värnhem 03:57

6. Istanbul 04:30

7. At the Mall 02:50

8. Open 04:04

9. Pasadena 04:22

10. Lights of Sunday 04:44

11. Ambivalence 01:56

12. For Tomorrow 06:24

13. Obscured By Lies 04:12

14. Satellite 05:24