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Artist: Flyafter

Title: Flyafter EP

Cat: [sec.046]

Genre: Indie / Electronic / Shoegazing

Country: Indonesia

Format: Mp3 320 kbit/s

Release date: 2010-06-30

Size: 70 mb

Written & recorded by: Flyafter

Band Members:

Rully Fahrezzy - Guitar and Vocal

Hannan Jaya - Conceptor, Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, R3

Rully Luandri - Electribe, KP3 and Mixer

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0


Flyafter is a pop band from Jakarta, Indonesia. A very underrated place in the here and now of pop music.

The band was formed in 2004 by Hannan Jaya and Rully Fahrezzy and the setting was completed in 2005 by Rully Luandri. The band´s been playing regularly live from time to time ever since.

Flyafter´s music is a cool mix of acoustic and electronic blends. Dreamy naked acoustic daydreams engaged with long trippy kraut-rock electronic passages. All mashed up with beautiful pop harmonies. They describe themselves as influenced by Britpop and Norwegian alternative music. And we know what they mean.


Although the band´s been around for a while and had played a lot live during their years, the Extended Play EP is their first proper release for the world to know. And now is the time!

Another quality release from 23 seconds netlabel.

And from Indonesia.




Track list

 1. Today I'm With You

 2. Make Me Sleep

 3. Sleep Beside Me

 4. Njósnavélin (Flyafter Remix) *

Total time: 25 minutes


* Please notice that this track is written by Sigur Rós

 and is not released under Creative Common



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