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Artist: The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades

Title: Ethos

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.048]

Genre: Post-rock / Shoegazing / Post-metal

Country: Spain

Release date: 2010-09-15
Music, lyrics & arrangements:The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades

Mixed & produced by: Martin Anilom

Recorded: Between Nov 2009 - June 2010 at Pigmy studio London

Technical assistence: Alfred Weinmann & David Rish

Mastered by: Peter Fusato at T/Racks 24 mastering studios (LA)

Concept by: Martin Anilom

Cover: Arturo Castellanos

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0

THE BIG SLEEP IN SEARCH OF HADES is a band centered around ABEL (aka Martin Anilom) from Spain. The name derives from krautrock monsters Tangerine Dream’s song on the album Stratosfear (1976). This is their second full-length album.

Their music contains influences from post-rock, ambient, shoegazing and even metal and gothic influences can be heard on this album. And much much more. The production is superb and the sound is epic. The album is split up in four parts all with their own story to tell. You get a feeling that a new world is waiting out there. One of 23 seconds´ strongest and most interesting releases so far, without a doubt. Enjoy the ride!.



1. I don´t want to bring your gods down

2. Godly water

3. Oceans of mistake

4. Slight movement

5. The undertow

6. This majestic place

7. Twister

8. Eyes (to forget)

9. Messiah

10. Bullets for the youngs and money for the banks

11. Walking alone / Thinking alone

12. (-)

13. One day before

14. Bagdag / System

15. Ethos

16. MLK & BHO : Free at last









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The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades, martin anilom,

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