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Junalyn Corre, alan driscoll, melbourne, the womb, the fourth wall

Artist: The Womb

Title: The Fourth Wall

Cat: [sec.049]

Genre: Indie

Country: UK

Release date: 2010-10-15

Music: Alan Driscoll & Junalyn Corre

Words: Alan Driscoll

Additional production: Emily Driscoll

Cover: Alan Driscoll

Photography: Lauren Pikó
Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0

The Womb began in 1998 in the remote English village of Little Clacton and has since then been an ever-changing line-up of musicians playing the songs of Alan Driscoll, in a variety of styles and genres, such as electro-pop, techno, soul-pop, lo-fi to name a few.


The new album, The Fourth Wall, is a collaboration with singer/songwriter Junalyn Corre. It´s their third album together.


If you like what you hear we strongly recommend you to visit his Homepage where you can download all his great music, ten albums and fifty singles for free! Sharing is caring!


1. Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey

2. Dirty Weekend

3. Before You Leave The Country

4. Don´t Remind Me

5.. The Flood

6. Stomping Ground

7. Lullaby Cove

8. Time Travelling Man

9. Four Hands On My Body

10. Terrifica Vs Fantastico

This releases is no longer available at 23 Seconds Netlabel.
Please visit The Womb
website for more information

Junalyn Corre, alan driscoll, melbourne, the womb