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Artist: Azoora

Title: Instrumentals Vol 1
Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.056]

Genre: Indie / Post-rock / Trip-hop

Country: UK

Release date: 2011-01-31

Music: John Purcell:

Drums: Ben Cochrane

Cover: Jenny Persson

Licenses: Creative Commons licenses/by/3.0


Azoora's new EP is a little different from the band's previous releases, this time taking the listener on an all instrumental journey, signed multi instrumentalist John Purcell and drummer Ben Cochrane.


The foundation of the band's unique and brilliant sound, however, remains intact: Great trip-hop influenced pop music with an excellent production. Timeless… & very classy!


The full band will be back with a new release in the summer of 2011. In case you can't wait, or have yet to discover Azoora's earlier work, we strongly recommend immediate consumption of the old stuff as well. All of it available for FREE download here

Track list

1. Balls Out

2. Cirque du Lune (part 2)

3. 23 Seconds to Love

4. The Sound of Inevitability

5. Sleepdrone

6. Cirque du Lune (part 1)

7. Floating In The Sun



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