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Artist: The Womb

Title: Psychedelectro

Cat: [sec.058]

Genre: Indie / Electronic

Country: UK

Format: Mp3  320 kbit/s

Release date: 2011-03-23

Written & Performed by: Alan Driscoll with

Danielle Kasper (7) and Rosanna Woollett (9)

Cover photo: Lauren Pikó

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0


The Womb´s musical journey continues. The new album "Psychedelectro" was written and recorded in one week by Alan Driscoll and has a slightly different sound from his previous work. The music is more electronic and atmospheric, a mixture where Britpop meets ambient and laidback acid house music. Very harmonic and very beautiful.

Track list

1. Anagram

2. Two Thousand Days

3. Your Loss

4. You're Not A Parent, You're A Recurring Nightmare

5. Strobe On Torso

6. Dirty River

7. You Once Knew

8. Home Planet

9. Love Everybody And Forgive Everything

10. Sleepyhead

This releases is no longer available at 23 Seconds Netlabel.
Please visit The Womb website for more information