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Artist: Ram Hoss

Title: PrixQuills

Cat: [sec.067]
Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Genre: Shoegaze / Electronic / Experimental

Country: Canada

Release date: 2011-11-09

Cover art: Colleen Krueger

Band Members: Mo & Jo

Mastered by: Christopher Scott Leary

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses: by-sa 3.0

23 Seconds Netlabel proudly presents Ram Hoss - a new electronic pop duo based in Calgary, Canada.

Back in 2009 we released one of our most popular releases by AZEDA BOOTH, a legendary underground act from the streets of Calgary. Now it´s time for RAM HOSS - a side project from this band.

The sound of Ram Hoss is an ocean of lush melodies, wrapped up in subtle sounds, odd drum loops and with a very unique voice.

Abstract pop music at its finest!


The EP contains seven short songs and is a must have for fans of Azeda Booth and for anyone interested in experimental, electronic pop music. The last track is called Waii and might be one of this years finest pop songs! Enjoy this masterpiece



Track list

1. Heart

 2. Copx

 3. Joyschool

 4. Minaharker

 5. Mukwah

 6. Newblue

 7. Waii





Ram Hoss, Calgary Canada


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