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Emerald park, malmö, sweden, indie, jamendo

Artist: Emerald Park

Title: Things EP

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.078]

Genre: Indie / Pop

Country: Sweden

Release date: 2013-04-07

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0


After more than half a year of silence we are back with a new release by one of our favorite artists, the Swedish indie outfit EMERALD PARK!

"Things EP" is a collection of great songs taken from the album Absolute Zero, b-sides and the upcoming Black Box EP. Enjoy!

Track list

 1. Modular Home

 2. The Night I Proclaimed Your Love

 3. Bergsgatan

 4. At the Circus

 5. Things





Emerald park, malmö, sweden, indie, creative commons, podcast

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