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Artist: Japanese Large

Title: Superpositioned

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.085]

Genre: Indie Electronic

Country: US

Release date: 2015-04-22
Original music by: Hellbus & Matt Rickard
Cover art: Eric Gonzales
Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0
Links: Facebook  Soundcloud  Twitter


Japanese Large is a Phoenix based band formed from the ashes of "Can't Stop the Daggers" a few years ago. They love mixing up genres of music, analog keyboards, guitars with f-holes, Vox and Orange amps, great drummers, and our big blue sky.

Although Japanese Large is a band, is has nowadays mostly turned into a solo project, finding singer Jon Partelow working with various contributors like Matt Rickard, Emily Schalick, Casey Dillon and Christopher Garcia.

Superpositioned is made in collaboration with Matt Rickard.

Superpositioned is an instrumental EP (and despite the absence of Jon’ Partelow’s lovely voice), it is a delightful indie-electronic journey with a dreamy laid-back sound. An excellent example of how oftentimes you can say a lot without saying anything.

- Music, at least for me, has been something like a Disco ball, with thousands of faces, every tiny mirrored facet can become uncomfortable again, strange, foreign, new and exciting. This record is definitely an example of that, exploring these ideas without using my voice or adding words was uncomfortable and new again /Jon

Superpositioned is a great and colourful composition and you can likely expect some of these songs to reappear in new versions on future releases, then hearing the great voice of Jon Partelow.

-  Reimagining songs with words and vocal melodies almost always informs other new thoughts, parts, twist and turns. Turning over new and old rocks to uncover new ideas or angles is what drives this project and me personally. / Jon

We love everything about this band and are really looking forward to put out some more music by Japanese Large in the future.

As always on our label, Superpositioned is released under Creative Commons Licenses. It can be streamed or downloaded for free and permits You to use the material in you own work or for a remix. Don´t hesitate to send us a message if you are interested in doing this.


Enjoy the music!

Track list
1. Second Side Mp3
2. Clubs Mp3
3. Up & Back Mp3
4. Maybe Never Mp3
5. The Answer Mp3
6. Matanoia Mp3
7. Left To Give Mp3

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