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Tracing arcs, waste not, want not - Wasteland remixed


Artist: Tracing Arcs

Title: Waste not, Want not - Wasteland Remixed

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.088]

Genre: Trip-hop / Downtempo

Country: UK

Release date: 2016-12-05
Band members: Paul Addie (keyboards, guitar, programming) & Fran Kapelle (vocals, lyrics)
Feat: Phil Brammer (guitar) & Violet M Williams (backing vocals)
Written by: Addie/Kapelle
Recorded & remixed at: The Seaside

Artwork: Genie

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0


After having been around since the mid 90s, the British trip-hop duo Tracing Arcs, releases one of its strongest albums so far. "Waste not, Want not - Wasteland Remixed" is the band's sixth release and their third on 23 Seconds Netlabel. It contains eight remixes (from the album Wasteland) and one new song.


Tracing Arcs’ trip-hop sound is a smooth blend of different musical styles, with influences from the world of jazz, mellow electronica, chillout and downtempo beats. All interwoven with the soft, emotional voice of Fran Kapelle.


You can download the music for free or stream it on several music services like Spotify and Google Play. The music is, as always, released under Creative Commons Licenses, just to make sure You can share it, remix it, sample it or use it in your own work. Please consider supporting the artist with a small donation. Enjoy

Track list

1. The Go-Between - Walking Shadows MIx

2. My Little Girl - Lost and Found Mix

3. Closer to You - Inside Looking Out Mix

4. Voodoo - Spellbound Mix

5. Unravel the Thread - Mr Whippys Small Muff Mix
6. My Little Girl - Take Flight Mix
7. Homecoming - The Girls Mix
8. Walk across the Wasteland - Half Moon Mix
9. And So...


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