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Independent music since 2006


23 Seconds Netlabel is an independent label founded by Johan Lundin in april 2006, in the Swedish harbour city of Gothenburg. We want to offer new, interesting and diverse art & music for people looking beyond the mainstream. To our help, we have a wide range of artists from different genres and we release all kinds of alternative music, from pure indie-pop to dreamy chillout, hip-hop, trip-hop and minimalistic electronica

All our music is free to download and released under Creative Commons Licenses, but please consider supporting us with a small donation. Your kind contribution will help us pay for running costs, to promote our artists and to keep the music free

A number of different people have been involved in different ways during the years. Today 23 seconds Netlabel consists of Johan Lundin and Jesper Larsson from Gothenburg and John Purcell from London.




23 Seconds Netlabel is always looking for talented musicians. If you think you've got something we'd like, don´t hesitate to send us a demo. All demos received by 23 Seconds Netlabel are listened to and we try to answer as many serious mails as we can, but it usually takes a while.

Please do not send MP3s by e-mail, use a file transfer site or simply give us a link to a site where you host your music. We prefer downloadable music before streamed .Also, please put correct id3 tags in your songs. It makes things much easier.

Given the large numbers of unsolicited demo recordings we are receiving. We ask you to don´t forget to read abut our label and listen to some of our music before sending demos. We have have a variety of artists from different genres, but for us it is important that the label is something you want to be associated with. So please make sure your sound fits to the philosophy


We welcome any ideas, comments, or suggestions for our website and our music. Please feel free to get in touch with us.


23 Seconds Netlabel

Johan Lundin

Bangatan 25

414 63 Gothenburg


H Johan Lundin, göteborg, Gothenburg, Yngsjö, 23 Seconds, netlabel
23 seconds netlabel was founded by Johan Lundin with the aim to share music under Creative Commons Licenses. That philosophy still applies today.


Jesper Larsson & H Johan Lundin