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Independent music since 2006


We have worked with many artists over the years. Some of them have been with us for a long time and feel almost like they are part of the label, others are just loosely connected to us. Here is a list, including most of the people. We love them all!

0 Musicians  (Stockholm, Sweden)  Website
0-Visionen  (Uppsala, Sweden  Facebook Soundcloud
Adam & Alma  (Stockholm, Sweden)   Facebook  Soundcloud
Asteroid Killer  (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Website Facebook Soundcloud
Azeda Booth  (Calgary, Canada)  Facebook  Myspace
Azoora (London, UK)   Official page  Jamendo
Bartłomiej Wołyniec  (Poland) Facebook  Myspace  Soundcloud
Bottlesmoker (Bandung, Indonesia)  Website  Facebook  Soundcloud
CampiranoMilton  (Rosario, Argentina)
Can´t Stop The Daggers  (United States)  Jamendo  Soundclick
C Behind 12 (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Compute  (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Website  Facebook  Soundcloud
Conspiracy Of Mind  (United states / Sweden)
Cosmic Spring  (Groningen, Holland)  Website  Facebook  Twitter
Crystal Clear  (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Myspace
Daniel Hansson  (London, UK)
Danish Daycare  (Malmö, Sweden)  Bandcamp  Jamendo  ReverbNation
Dan Tindall (Belfast, Northern Ireland)  Website  Soundcloud
Det Mekaniska Undret  (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Blog  Soundcloud  Facebook
Double Dan (Malmö, Sweden)  Facebook
Dynamo414  (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Facebook  Soundcloud
Emerald Park  (Malmö, Sweden)  Bandcamp  Facebook  Jamendo
Flyafter  (Jakarta, Indonesia)  Website Facebook  Soundcloud
Fuji Kureta (Istanbul, Turkey)  Website Blogspot Facebook  Soundcloud
Glejs (Uppsala, Sweden)  Facebook Soundcloud
Glenn Liljestrand  (Uppsala, Sweden)  Facebook Soundcloud
Graciellita  (Montreal, Canada)  Facebook  Bandcamp
He Is Watching Over Us  (Uppsala, Sweden)
Heifervescent (Lancashire, UK)  Website  Facebook  Twitter
Henrik José  (Malmö, Sweden)  Bandcamp  Facebook  Soundcloud
Homeland  (Malmö, Sweden) Blogspot  Myspace
Hästoperan  (Uppsala, Sweden)  Facebook  Soundcloud
If There Is Something  (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Website  Myspace
Ixtlan  (Getinge, Sweden) Website  Facebook  Myspace
Japanese Large (Phoenix, US)  Facebook  Soundcloud
Jimahl  (Stockholm, Sweden)  Myspace
Jenifer Ávila (Spain)  Bandcamp  Myspace
Jesper Norda  (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Website Myspace
Just-1  (Massachusetts, US)  Facebook  Twitter  ReverbNation
Keshco  (London/Oxford, UK)  Website  Facebook  Twitter
La Nueva División (Bogotá, Colombia)  Myspace
Leaping Boy (Edsbyn, Sweden)  Myspace  Soundcloud
Maciej Ramisz  (Pabianice, Poland)  Facebook  Myspace Soundcloud
March Rosetta (East Sussex, UK)  Website  Bandcamp  Jamendo
Molgam  (Groningen, Holland)  Myspace
Nevahmind  (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Website  Wordpress  Facebook
Nina-me  (Malmö, Sweden)  Myspace
Nordloef  (Karlshamn, Sweden) Website  Facebook  Soundcloud
Pelangi Senja  (Karawang, Indonesia)  Facebook  Myspace  ReverbNation
Plattform 13  (Malmö, Sweden)  Myspace
Please (Malmö, Sweden)  Myspace
Public Transport  (Maine, US)  Website  Bandcamp  Soundcloud
Ram Hoss (Calgary, Canada)  Bandcamp  Blogspot  Facebook  Soundcloud
Reverend Big O  (Malmö, Sweden)
Robbie Rulah (Stockholm, Sweden)  Facebook Soundcloud
Rudebot  (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Myspace
Shampoo Tears  (United States) Myspace
Simon Waldram (Nottingham, UK)  Website  Facebook  Soundcloud
Solar fields (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Website Facebook
Soundfreak  (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Soundcloud
Snowfall  (Växjö, Sweden)
T Bird  (Austin, Texas US)  Website  Facebook
The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades  (Madrid, Spain)  Facebook  Jamendo
The Clone DJ  (Rome, Italy)   Myspace  Soundcloud
The Flying Blind (US)  Facebook  Soundcloud
The Womb (Melbourne, Australia)  Website  Facebook Soundcloud

Tim Chaplin (Southam, UK) Bandcamp  Facebook  Myspace  Soundcloud
Tobias Borelius  (Malmö, Sweden)  Bandcamp  Facebook  Jamendo
Tracing Arcs  (United Kingdom)  Website Jamendo Soundcloud
Transjuicer  (Groningen, Holland)  Soundcloud












Paul Loader and John Purcell from Azoora have been with us almost since the beginning and we would not replace them with any other band in this world. You can find out more about their lovely music here

Adam & Alma is a beloved duo from Stockholm that consists of Ellen Arkbro and Johan Graden. Their debut-EP "Back To The Sea" was released on 23 Seconds Netlabel in spring 2010 and is one our most downloaded and streamed release ever.


The Swedish indie-icons Emerald Park have released several EP´s and songs on 23 Seconds Netlabel during the years. Several of them are released in collaboration with af-music, Germany’s most innovative label for dark wave, independent and gothic music.

Tracing Arcs is a duo from England, formed in the mid 90's. We meet the

members Fran Kapelle and Paul H. Addie for the first time back in 2009 on "Netaudio Berlin" , a four-day music and conference festival focusing on Free culture and Creative Commons. We liked them a lot and have worked with the band since then.