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Independent music since 2006

A small selection of artists and music released
on "23 Seconds Netlabel" 2006-2015

Official music video for Blue by Emerald Park


Video details:

◦ Video by: Ormdådet Film & Media

◦ Music by Emerald Park

◦ Year: April 2014

"Blue" is taken from "Black Box CC", released by 23 Seconds Netlabel in July 2014.

The video was shot by Ormdådet Film & Media in April 2014 outside The AstraStube in Hamburg the day after an Emerald Park gig.


Official music video for Make Amends by Henrik José


Video details:

◦ Video by: Henrik José

◦ Music by Henrik José

◦ Year: January 2012

This music video is a collage consisting of vacation footage from Nagu in Finland, some BBC documentary clips with a deep sea theme and other watery footage filmed Henrik José throughout 2011. Thank's to Johan Jernström for swimming with the camera


Official music video for Party End by IXTLAN


Video details:

◦ Video by: Bo Green / Kent Holm

◦ Music by IXTLAN

◦ Year: Autumn 2008

"The party of all parties has come to an end. I am still recovering from the worms"


Official music video for Accident by Fuji Kureta


Video details:

◦ Directed by: Emre Sert & Gözde Yetişkini

◦ Crew: Ece Özkenel, Ali Tansu Turhan, Seda Kopar Şener, Onur Işık Cantürk.

◦ Special thanks to ; Kaan Kaner, Theron Patterson

◦ Music: composed and performed by Fuji Kureta

◦ Year: 2010
"Accident" is taken from Sweets Ep, released by the Slovakian netlabel Gergaz


Official music video for Skywave by Public Transport


Video details:

◦ Video by: Duncan Bailey
◦ Music: composed and performed by Duncan Bailey (Public Transport)

◦ Footage by: Tor Even Mathisen (ittentem.no vimeo.com/5240077 vimeo.com/3059148 vimeo.com/16917950)

◦ Year: 2012